The Beginners Should Choose Long Board Or Short Board?

What you need to know is:

Back to the most fundamental place, in fact, there is no such thing as a long plate. Long board and short board, Single Fin single rudder to play, each has its own style, and no one is not under the painstaking effort. Therefore, it is most important to find the game that best suits you and can play happily.


What is the long board short board?

Among the many types of surfboards, how to choose their own surfboard Everyone just entering the surfing world, the first problem I must meet is the long board or short board? Apart from this question, what is a long board and what is a short board? What are the characteristics of these two boards? Here to explain a little bit, the difference between long board and short board!


Longboard: Longboard is the correct definition of the length of more than nine feet of the board. To a person’s height, the length of the long board is about half the height of a man. This is precisely why, a lot of people often see the long board, often issued a surprise: so big?Also because of large sheets, so long board buoyancy compared to other board type will be much larger, which led to the long board in the water there is usually easier to draw water. Also because of the big sheets, so long plate in the steering performance will be a little more bulky, need more space for rotation.


Short board: Most people on the short board is defined as seven feet below the board. Seven feet is about the height of one hundred and eighty centimeters. By the volume of light, we can see that the buoyancy of the short board is smaller than that of the long board. Usually when the long board is lying on the board, it can float on the surface of the water because of its large buoyancy. But the short board is different. You will find that when you lie on the short board, the whole board will sink into the water because of the weight, but also need to rely on the buoyancy of the body itself to support themselves on the water. This will make it very difficult for the ronin, who traverses the habitual longboard, to paddle when converted to a short board.


There are advantages and disadvantages, short board because it is relatively light, which makes it can have a high degree of flexibility. At the same time in the more waves, you can also use more efficient, you can dive into the water with the board to avoid the wave of the potential to cross the waves.




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