Equipment Needed For Kite Surfing

Kite: It has an inflatable bracket that floats on the surface when it falls, and uses techniques to make it take off again. Inflatable bracket kites have two-line and four-line kites. The second-line kite operation is simple and easy to learn, but it is difficult to adjust the kite pull force at any time. It has been used less and less; the four-line kite control is more complicated but the kite pull can be adjusted at any time. In 2004, the four-line kite was improved by a center line, known as the five-line kite, which is safer and easier to take off from the water, and became mainstream in 2005.

Kite line: The tensile force should be more than 500 pounds. The line should have the characteristics of non-absorbent and low-extension. In addition to anti-ultraviolet treatment, as long as it is well maintained, a set of lines can be used for a long time. The line length is generally 27 meters. If the area of the kite is constant, the longer the length, the greater the strength of the kite, the shorter the length, and the smaller the pulling force. If you use colored lines, red lines are always placed on the left hand side to make it easier to determine the correct direction of the handle after the kite is wound.

Handle: The handle is matched with the kite design. It is divided into two-wire type, four-wire type and five-wire type. It is divided into aluminum alloy and carbon fiber according to different materials. The carbon fiber handle has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and gradually becomes the mainstream. There is a zither adjustment device and an emergency release system on the handle, and a good release system can release the kite surfing pull force in the shortest time.

Waist hook: The purpose of the waist hook is to make the kite pull easily to move the body. The waist hook is generally fixed above the buttocks and below the chest. It is fully covered around the waist (similar to the waist hook of the windsurfing, but some structures are different), waist Hooks come in a variety of sizes to suit different waist groups. The more famous waist hook manufacturers are: Mystic, North, etc. At the same time as the waist hook appears, there is also a structural pattern that wraps the buttocks at the same time, similar to the seat belt used for rock climbing. It is called a seat hook. It is easier to control the power generated by the kite when sitting, but with kite surfing equipment. Constantly innovating, the hook has been gradually eliminated by the more functional waist hook.

Skateboard: Early kite surfing is a one-way board modified with surfboards. It has a long length and large buoyancy. It is suitable for beginners to practice on the board or in a weak wind environment, but the one-way board must be changed when sliding, and Large in size, not conducive to aerial fancy movements, gradually replaced by two-way plates.

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