History Of Surfing

No one knows when ancient Polynesians began to engage in such surfing activities, but Hawaiian poetry in the fifteenth century has been recorded in surfing. The Hawaiian surf culture can be traced back to 500 to 800 years. The Maguis Aborigines living in the Maguixin Islands depend on the constellation and sail to Hawaii, two thousand miles away, and south on the Big Island. Landed near the point and settled down. Around the thirteenth century, the Polynesian Society Islands or Tahiti Island, the indigenous people drove a two-body canoe, sailed to the Hawaiian Islands outside the millennium, and conquered the early settled Marquis.

Captain James Cook, the British explorer, was ordered by the British Naval Headquarters and the Royal Society from 1768 to 1771 to sail to the South Pacific for the first time and discovered Tahiti in 1769. When I landed again in Tahiti in December 1777, I saw a Tahitian native in the Matawai corner rowing a canoe with an outrigger rushing into the high-volume waves and writing it down in the log: “I have to say that when this person is swiftly pushed by the waves, he really feels the highest pleasure.”

In 1778, Captain Cook’s Royal “Decision” and “Discovery” discovered Hawaii and landed on Waimea Beach in Kauai. Later, Captain Cook and deputy James Kingn saw the Hawaiians riding a piece of wood of different lengths and running on the waves, feeling extremely surprised. Jin En, deputy director of the “Decision” warship, described Hawaii as saying: “When they perform difficult and dangerous moves, the brave and skillful skills are truly amazing.”

In the seventeenth century, during the Emir of Kalani Moku, the earliest known surfboard materials appeared in the works of the printmaker Perry. In 1873, the French artist E.Riou painted a woman who was surfing on the shores of Hawaii.

In the ancient hymns of Hawaii, there are five excellent surfing spots in Waikiki, Awahi, Karehowi, Kabiya, Caberny, and Michal, and the surfboard used at that time was eighteen. Long, known as Euro, is made from the trunk of Kea or Willy Willie.



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