Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is a kind of agitation and thrilling water sports with inflatable kites and surfboards.

Since 1998, there have been occasional people in Hawaii Beach in the United States to combine inflatable kites with surfboards. Since then, this new sport has become popular all over the world. Entering this new extreme sport in the country is called kite. surf.

The principle of kite surfing is very simple. It is to connect the inflatable kite with two or four strong ropes to the handrail. By operating the crossbar to control the rise, fall and turn of the kite, combined with the various steps on the foot. Skateboarding, you can slide on the sea, the lake, the beach, the snow, or even take people off the water for a variety of fancy moves.

In the United States in 1990, a young man, cory.R, was very interested in the speedboat water skiing. Later, he was exposed to flying parachute kites. He believed that the large kite had a large pulling force and should be able to replace the speedboat to pull people on the water. Therefore, he tried to operate a large kite by hand, and he used a skateboard to play water skiing. This is fun, but if the kite accidentally falls into the water, it cannot be played, and it is difficult to recover because the kite is soaked in the water. Unable to spread.

A few years later, two brothers in France developed a kite that was specially designed for people to operate on the surface of the water. Its appearance is similar to that of a flying umbrella kite, but the airfoil’s airfoil and keel are inflated. Because of his shape, And the kite is full of air. When it falls on the water, it will not sink and re-take off.

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