What Make You Interested of Kite Hydrofoil

Kite foilboarding is a form of kiteboarding where instead of riding a board which planes on the water’s surface  you are riding a board up to 1m above the waters surface. Apparently flying along stood on a magic carpet…The hydrofoil is effectively in flight beneath the water’s surface supporting the rider who flies above.

The kite hydrofoil and board set up resembles a small aeroplane attached via a mast to a kiteboard. The hydrofoils and masts are normally made from carbon, aluminium, steel, fibre glass or a combination of these materials. People have successfully used wood to make them also.

Hydrofoils have a lot less drag than a conventional kiteboard and are far more efficient in low winds than probably all other styles of board.

Kite Foilboarding has been around for a long time but only in the last couple of years has it started really gaining  popularity.  The kite racers picked up on the efficiency and speed of foilboards and as such have helped push development and production of high performance hydrofoil and foilboards.

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