Where Is It Suitable For Surfing In China?

  1. Hainan Riyuewan

Sun Moon Bay at the junction of Wanning and Lingshui in Hainan is the most suitable place for surfing in China. The water is clear and the water temperature is suitable. The big waves in winter always attract surfers from all over the world. It is currently planning to build China’s largest surfing club and China’s surfing base. On October 26th, 2011, the ASP World Women’s Longboard Final was held here.

Sun Moon Bay has become the birthplace of contemporary Chinese surf culture. Its club has several years of teaching experience and has trained a large number of surfing coaches. A steady development of surfing culture has been formed in the local area. As of January 2016, there were more than 3 domestic and international surfing events throughout the winter.


  1. Shenzhen

The most suitable place for surfing in Shenzhen is of course not Dongchong and Xichong. When the northeast monsoon winds up in winter, the east surfs, and when the summer typhoon rags in the Pacific Ocean, the west surfs.


  1. Qingdao

During the surfing season, the waves in Qingdao are just right, neither too big nor too small. Starting in March, in the end of November, with good surf equipment, surfing in the winter is no problem. Waves such as the third bathing beach and the stone old man are the main venues for the local surfing league. This location, like Hainan, gathers a large number of Western wavers.


  1. Zhoushan Zhujiajian, Zhejiang

Among the fixed weather conditions every year, Zhujiajian has a very good wave performance, no less than any wave in China. However, due to lack of observation, it has not been developed so far.

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