Surfing Sport

Surfing is a surfer who uses surfboards to cross the waves of water. The main equipment is the surfboard and the safety rope on the feet.


Surfing began in Australia, because Australia surrounded by the sea, warm climate, more sunshine and less rain, is conducive to the development of water sports, so the Australians particularly love surfing. As early as the Europeans moved before, where the indigenous people, by canoe floating sea, with a leaf boat suddenly rushed to the waves, and sometimes slide to the valley, which is the predecessor of surfing.

Until the Hawaiian Haha Moku library in the United States won the 1912 Olympic swimming champion, in his strong advocacy, surfing in California, the United States to promote, now popular in Hawaii, North America, Peru, Australia and South Africa, and has a world-class surfing tournament.

Athletes need to stand on the surfboard, or the use of web, kneeling, inflatable rubber pad, rowing, kayaking, etc., No matter what kind of equipment, athletes need to have a high skill and balance, and be good at long distance swimming in the storm.

The surfing is driven by waves as a driving force on the waves. The height of the waves to be about 1 meter, the minimum not less than 30 cm. Surf board type:

  • Long board – more than 9 feet in length, suitable for beginners.
  • Short board – the length of 7 feet below, belonging to the technical wave board.
  • Gun board – narrow and long, to cope with the Hawaiian area as the design of the big waves.
  • Soft board – dynamic and mobile, not limited by the size of the waves, suitable for beginners.
  • Floating raft – large board, the speed change is slow, suitable for beginners lying on the waves board to practice with.

About the waves:

The best wave of surfing to the middle of the collapse of the slope to promote the waves on both sides, the most dangerous waves is a row of waves of instantaneous collapse, if encountered such waves, the best shore rest. Surfing if you come out of the sea to pull out the ocean, as long as the slope along the direction of the sea to go, grasp the waves, do not lose the safety rope and choose to swim back, it is best to lie on the waves board to wait for the rescue.

About self protection:

In the surfboard and the impact of the waves, cannot hand to pull the safety foot rope and surfboard. In the sea area encountered crazy dog waves, to quickly throw the surfboard back, and quickly water diving hiding. If you see jellyfish appear, or be bitten by jellyfish, you must hurry up to rest.


Let’s go and try to surfing!


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