Inflatable wing surfing sail foil surfboard wing foil
Inflatable wing surfing sail foil surfboard wing foil

New Design Light Weight Design Inflatable Wing Surf Sail Foil Surfboard Wing Foil

Product Description


Inflatable Surfboard Wing Foil

It will not only maintain the SWING tradition in terms of lightness and comfort, but it will also be very stable and provide excellent performance and a huge wind range.From light wind to strong wind, you will discover the full potential of STRIKE. Because of its unique design and construction, the feeling of water is unique.

You are very welcome to CONTACT US if you need any customized specification!

*Colors in the photo was took by camera, please take actual goods as standard.

Material: High quality polyester fabric

Size:3m^2( 4m^2,5m^2,6m^2)

– Increased wingspan for more lift and stable.

– Easy to install.


Customized colors available;

– Customized design available;

– Customized logo available;

  • Impressive stability and balance
  • Easy planning and performances
  • Extra comfortable and light
  • Huge wind range
  • Incredible upwind abilities
  • Fantastic jumping capabilities
  • Light and stable for perfect freefly sensations



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Packaging & Shipping


– Packaging –

 – FAQ –

1. Q: Are you a SUP Hydrofoil factory(manufacturer)?

    A: Yes,we are manufacturer and welcome to visit our factory.

2. Q: Do you provide OEM/ODM service?

    A: Yes, we can make new mold if you send us sample or 3D drawing. Our factory would offer suggestions based on your design.

3. Q: Can we see some SUP Hydrofoil samples before the order?

    A: Yes, we can provide the existed samples, or make the samples base on customized design.

4. Q: What’s the delivery time?

    A: Normally it takes 15~20 days for an order (MOQ or 20ft container), but the exact delivery time might be different depends on design, quantity & order time.

5. Q: Can you accept SUP Hydrofoil customized design?

    A: Yes, we can. The customized design will base on the AI or PDF file customers provide.

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